To BV or Not To BV 👀 The pitfalls of self-diagnosis

To BV or Not To BV 👀 The pitfalls of self-diagnosis

Are you falling into the pitfall of self-diagnosis? Truth be told, we are quick to pull trigger and claim our own diagnosis. Urgency to pee? Self-proclaimed UTI. Itching and thicker discharge? *Googles how to get rid of a yeast infection* Strong odors down there? Automatic assumption that we have BV.

But what if our self-diagnoses aren't accurate? Could this be contributing to the cycle of recurring symptoms so many of us face?

It's time we pause and consider the importance of prevention over intervention. This is where the importance of maintaining freshness comes into play.

Rather than relying on self-diagnosis, let's commit to:

  • Practicing regular hygiene rituals with Grapefruit + Aloe Yoni Gel and our newest Foaming Washes
  • Balancing our diets and nourishing our bodies
  • Prioritizing hydration
  • Scheduling timely doctor appointments.

Why is this imperative? Because self-diagnosis often leads to self-treatment, overlooking the true underlying issues. Sometimes, it's more than just hygiene, and other times, we find ourselves concocting solutions to problems that don't even exist.

But the one thing that will always remain true? Healthy vaginas taste, feel, look, smell, touch, and age better. Don't wait to add Yoni Gel, Bar, or our sensitive Grapefruit + Aloe Yoni Gel to your routine today.