Erotica Shower Gel

Erotica Shower Gel

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The Erotica Gel is the ultimate all-natural aphrodisiac designed to aid your lady lumps in turning up the heat to intensify the pleasure! Leading with a naturally seductive scent and a natural tingling sensation, the Erotica gel is both a stress reliever and lubricant all-in-one, without using infection-inducing fillers or chemicals. Our proprietary blend of botanical-based oils makes this the ideal gel to help increase libido, relieve stress, fight fatigue, and reduce menopausal symptoms while making your yoni feel her best during partner or solo play.

Product Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Can I pair this with Yoni Gel? What’s the difference? You can absolutely pair the Yoni Gel with the Erotica Gel for a bacteria-fighting yet pleasure-creating experience!


This soap is made from a blend of Essential oils, olive oil, Sorbitol, Stearic acid, Lauric acid, Water, and Sodium Hydroxide Glycerin.

How To Use

  • Wet body.
  • Rub a nickel sized amount of gel in hands or desired wash accessory to create lather.
  • Massage skin.
  • Rinse and repeat as desired.

Size 8 oz


This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease(s). If irritation or breakout forms, stop the use of the product immediately and contact your primary care physician. Designs and colors may vary, but the ingredients will remain the same.

Customer Reviews

Based on 194 reviews
Mrs. P
Smells great😊

I love this gel…It smells amazing!!! I will definitely order it again.

Alicia Cunningham

My first time ever using this & yes I love it ❤️

Leslie Hardwell
The Bomb

It’s so good! I always tell my husband she put voodoo on these soaps cuz why are they so good! I’m a skeptical person but I’m converted and under the spell. It’s amazing really. Please don’t change the formulas, I would be devastated

Dat Splahh 🌊💦

This & the femme oil follow up gon HIT everytime! Me & My man Love it lol 😻💦

I love this product!!!

This is my first time trying the Erotica gel and it is everything. I will definitely be purchasing this product again.