Deeply Cleanses Pores ✨ Detoxes Skin

Spotted 👀 Citrus Detox Gel IRL

Ingredients that care + perform

Your trust is our foundation, and we honor it by delivering gentle, nourishing care for your most delicate areas. Each Salt.xo product is crafted with lush, velvety textures and nurturing formulas packed with safe, feel-good ingredients. We're committed to the happiness and health of every skin type, with each formulation meeting the highest standards of gentleness and efficacy.

Made with turmeric + activated charcoal for acne-prone skin

Customer Reviews

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Citrus detox gel

Hey I just received mines yesterday I used this lastnight can’t wait to see results I will give you guys a update

**** OBSESSED!!!

I’m so in love with this detox gel it really helps keep my skin feeling fresh and clean, I’ve noticed my acne has been gone since I started using this gel. I love the natural smell to it too 😍

Liliana Romero
The way this really cleans our face is amazing!

I love this face wash. Me,34,my daughter,17,and youngest daughter 11, all use it daily and love it. We've ditched all other face washes and solely use this one because we don't feel the others compare with getting deep into our pores like this one does. Definitely a house favorite for daily face wash!

Can kids use this

I wanna to know if I can use this on my daughter face

Semaria shaw
Top fav

This is one of my top favs from SaltXO. I have very sensitive underarms and this has been a life saver. I've been using it for a while and have no complaints. No irritation, helps ensure underarms are detoxed and smells good. I plan to purchase more to begin using it for my face as well after seeing lots of reviews about skin results.