Yoni Gel (Seedless Feminine Wash)

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Balance your pH and hydrate your vulva with our sensitive formula for freshness all day long. Feeling fresh and balanced is so important, that’s why we created our herbal wash.

It combats common concerns like odor and dryness, without using harsh chemicals, fragrances, or colors that will cause irritation.

We are cruelty-free, so you’ll feel happy about your choices using our feminine wash. With its euphoric floral scent and soothing botanical-based ingredients like aloe, seaweed, and cucumber combined with powerful antibacterial essential oils like tea tree (melaleuca), this gel will keep you feeling fresh, clean, and balanced!


Cruelty free
Paraben free
Phthalate free

We are cruelty-free, so you’ll feel happy about your choices using our feminine wash.

Can this be used as a full face cleanser?
Yes! This gel is safe for the face and décolletage.

Can I use this all over my body?
Absolutely! This gel works great for both your face and body.

Can I insert this in my vagina?
Use the gel on your vulva, never inside!

Do the different colors result in different scents or uses?
Nope! Each color has the same scent, we just like pretty things :)

What is the difference between Yoni Gel and Yoni Bar? The Yoni Bars and Gels have the same base formula your yoni loves, two different ways! Think of them as fraternal twins.

Deionized Water, vitamin E, cucumber extract, apricot extract, lemon extract, aloe oil, avocado oil, amino acid, oregano herb, olive oil, mentha oil, Melaleuca alternifolia.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews

I feel like mint chocolate chip ice cream

Fresh and so clean cleannnn

A soap that didnt CAUSE a problem ? For this sensitive queen ? Hallelujah. There's nothing else to say fr. The stimulation from the tingle. The fresh feeling from the tingle is so yummy ! A def rebuy time & time again

Cartena Maxwell
Just Amazing...

Love it!!! Can't go wrong with this product 🔥❤


I have a few different brands for feminine wash but NONE of them have ever made me feel as fresh as this one. I mean I feel like I’m in a York Peppermint Patty commercial fresh. I have only been using it for a month and I am so mad I did not order sooner.

Liliana Romero
I will forever be a customer for this product.

This yoni gel has been a game changer! The tingling, minty clean feeling it offers makes me feel so good. It keeps me fresh all day and feeling confident about my area! It's especially our fav (me and my daughters) during our time of the month. I cannot say enough good about this gel. I will forever be a customer.


Here's why you'll LOVE us:

✓ Non-drying, hydrating formulas

✓ Light weight and durable

✓ Multi-purpose function

✓ Antioxidant protection

✓ Clean, natural ingredients

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