Fights Bacteria ✨ Removes Odor ✨ Maintains a healthy pH

Spotted 👀 Yoni Gel IRL

Ingredients that care + perform

Your trust is our foundation, and we honor it by delivering gentle, nourishing care for your most delicate areas. Each Salt.xo product is crafted with lush, velvety textures and nurturing formulas packed with safe, feel-good ingredients. We're committed to the happiness and health of every skin type, with each formulation meeting the highest standards of gentleness and efficacy.

Made with mentha oil + cucumber extract to help remove odor + maintain a healthy pH

Customer Reviews

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Sysonya Wright
Gender: Female
Comments: Awesome product.
Gender: Female
Best Ever!!!!!!

Being a seasoned 57yr old woman I don't believe in cutting corners when it comes to my health, my skin regime and my Vjayjay!!! All I can say is. Wow!!!!

Alicia Perry
Gender: Female
Comments: The Yoni gel is life changing
Gender: Female

I love salt XO I have used every product on her line and faithfully buy my yoni washes in bulk to this day. When will the packaging change?

Tasia Johnson
Gender: Female
The Best Wash

Just like the bottle says honestly! I’ve been a salt.xo customer since my college days. Still taking care of me. I use it all over and get out the shower feeling refreshed. I need to order two at a time😭

Nichole Blassingame
Gender: Female
Comments: Buy
Gender: Female
Comments: My best kept secret
Gender: Female
Comments: I don’t tell other women about it on purpose
Libido wash

Ok so my aunt introduced me to this line and I have been hooked since! I can’t go without this soap at this point! It’s tooo good to me ! And it really attracts my man to me so much at night like moveeeee sir ! Also I had a girl tell me I smell edible like okay sis but nah lol

Sashani Jones
Love this product

I love the feeling after a shower using my yoni gel