Increases Libido✨ Aromatherapy Body Wash

Spotted 👀 Erotica Shower Gel IRL

Ingredients that care + perform

Your trust is our foundation, and we honor it by delivering gentle, nourishing care for your most delicate areas. Each Salt.xo product is crafted with lush, velvety textures and nurturing formulas packed with safe, feel-good ingredients. We're committed to the happiness and health of every skin type, with each formulation meeting the highest standards of gentleness and efficacy.

Made with jasmine oil + orange peel extract to enhance arousal

Customer Reviews

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This smells like heaven lol nah it really smells like Hawaiian Punch I absolutely love it I ordered my second bottle!!

Shante Carswell
Star burst the pink and red one

Smells amazing to eat omg pum pum has a heavy pulse 😍😍😍 love this OG SENT ladies MUST BUY !!!!!!

Smells yummy!

I absolutely love the smell of this body wash. I was hoping for that tingly mint like sensation, like with the yoni gel. But none the less it is amazing. Bought another bottle a week later!

Original scent

I loved the original scent way more but formula still a1

Jasmine J
My Favorite Bodywash

I really enjoy this as a body wash. I love how gentle it is. It doesn’t foam as much. Maybe because I use an African Exfoliating Net but I think it’s improved my overall circulation since the eczema on my ankles has gotten lighter and my skin ultimately smoother. I definitely recommend this product simply because of the ingredients. We need to normalize all natural skin and body cuz the fake sops is a no!