Yoni Cleansing Bar

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Our Yoni Bar takes feminine hygiene to unparalleled levels by neutralizing vaginal odor, eliminating yeast infection and BV-causing bacteria, and balancing pH levels. 

With its signature sweet and floral scent, this all-natural, organic and vegan formula uses powerful antibacterial herbs, rosemary, and oregano combined with soothing cocoa butter and lavender, to keep your yoni clean, balanced and fresh all day long!


Cruelty free
Paraben free
Phthalate free

Can this be used as a full face cleanser?
Yes! This bar is safe for the face and décolletage.

Can I use this all over my body?
Absolutely! This bar works great for both your face and body.

Can I insert this in my vagina?
Use the bar on and around your vaginal opening but never inside.

Do the different colors result in different scents or uses?
Nope! Each color has the same scent, we just like pretty things :)

What is the difference between Yoni Gel and Yoni Bar?
The Yoni Bars and Gels have the same base formula your yoni loves, two different ways! Think of them as fraternal twins.

Water, glycerin, vitamin E, cucumber extract, apricot extract, lemon extract, aloe oil, avocado oil, seaweed extract, oregano herb, olive oil, shea butter, rose oil, cucumber oil, mentha oil, Melaleuca alternifolia.

1. Wet intimate area with warm water.
2. Rub Yoni Bar in hands to create lather.
3. Massage lather on the external portion of intimate area for 1 minute. Do not insert lather or bar soap inside of you.
4. Rinse with warm water.


*Inserting soap inside your vagina can cause irritation. Rinse your vagina thoroughly with water after using our handcrafted soap. Leaving soap residue in your vagina is never a good idea.*

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Customer Reviews

Based on 420 reviews
Telicia Farmer

I absolutely love this soap

Best. Soap. Ever. Buy it NOW

If you've even considered buying this soap please do. Ive used this soap for about a year and it has completely changed my hygiene routine. I have a very sensitive PH and any soap (especially Summers Eve, yuck) i tried before just made me feel itchy and made my yoni smell funky, I felt dirtier than i did getting in the shower!. But this yoni soap bar changed the game! I never thought i'd find a soap perfect for my sensitive PH/ skin. It made me smell like nothing! And my skin has never been better! Shaving is even better! It has improved my feminine hygiene routine and i never looked back. I actually cant use any other soap, i tried switching soaps and it was terrible! This is the only soap i need☺️ love you much SaltXO❤️

jael haynes
y’all better go buy rn

it’s refreshing as idk what. like it’s strong but chill. my yoni feels refreshed after

Ericka Colter
Best Products Ever!

Salt.xo products never disappoints. Thank you so so much to Jhalesa(Big Salt) and her team for all they do and the hard work it takes to get products ready and out for all of to Enjoy.

Works amazing for POTS and Endometriosis

Mama Salt !!! I was having a POTS episode on day 2 of my cycle and listen though it was hard to shower with such horrible cramps!! I immediately grabbed my yoni bar and I swear my cramps were literally becoming non existent 🥹 while waiting for my PK to kick in I feel so fresh and calm after using your soap ! I’m definitely keeping more on deck plus


Here's why you'll LOVE us:

✓ Non-drying, hydrating formulas

✓ Light weight and durable

✓ Multi-purpose function

✓ Antioxidant protection

✓ Clean, natural ingredients

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