Relieves Dry Skin✨ Soothes Redness + Inflammation

Spotted 👀 Skin Repair Gel IRL

Ingredients that care + perform

Your trust is our foundation, and we honor it by delivering gentle, nourishing care for your most delicate areas. Each Salt.xo product is crafted with lush, velvety textures and nurturing formulas packed with safe, feel-good ingredients. We're committed to the happiness and health of every skin type, with each formulation meeting the highest standards of gentleness and efficacy.

Made with chamomile + oatmeal to soothe + hydrate dry skin

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Clean out the bad stuff

It’s a wonderful clean and keep me soft.

Kiara Caldwell
Holy Grail

Must have product, this gel makes my skin so soft and smooth! I love it.

Gina Hall

My skin has improved so much.

Works For My 1 Yr Old !

So glad to have found this Gem !! My daughter has eczema pretty much all over her body, she’s is sensitive from soaps, to lotions and I honestly was tired of buying baby soaps for ezcema loaded with chemicals that I couldn’t read. I’m so upset I didn’t take before and after pictures!! Her skin has cleared up in less than a week LITERALLY. I was already sold on the yoni gel personally but to find something for my baby that actually works and is healthier for her skin has definitely made me a customer for life. 💕💕

Essence Jeanbaptiste
Works Fast!

I like the way this product soothes my skin! I've seen a difference in my skin in just one week! This soap is a must-have for sure!